Torben Meets Tokala

It had been a long flight from the east coast and Tokala still had to unpack. Electro swing pumped from Tokala’s radio, as she finished unpacking the living room boxes. The energy of the music filled the living room with fun and excitement. As for the boxes, there weren’t many, Tokala always packed light. That was the advantage of being a military brat. One knew how to pack light.

“Oh, boy.” She complained, as she looked around the room. I thought I packed lighter than this. Did they give me someone else’s box?

Tokala stood up and stretched. She listened to her bones crack with exhaustion, as she kept on stretching until she almost stood on her toes. “Oh yeah. That was a good one. One of these days I’m going to break my arm doing that.”

Suddenly, a ray of light from the orange evening sun glinted in the window and Tokala smiled. She passed her blue cloth sofa, a small rectangular coffee table, which currently held a box of pizza and a 6 pack of coke, and her HD TV. She stood at the window and just admired the view. The setting sun, the waves of the sea rolling in and rolling out, daring her to come and play, and the uncharted land that she had yet to explore. She smiled.

“Unpacking can wait.” Then she looked at her new home again. Several more boxes for the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom had yet to be unpacked. “Nope, work first, then play.”

She turned to resume her work. She walked past the coffee table and moved to pick up her last can of coke, but it was already empty.

“Empty? Damn, time for a refill. Think I saw a coke machine outside.”

She scooped up her empties and dropped them into the recycle bin. Picked up her keys, locked up her apartment, and then strode down the hall to the coke machine. Once there, she found someone else trying to make a choice of what to drink. She looked him over. This guy gave her the impression of a wild animal. He had large sea blue eyes. His fine, wavy blond hair was long and worn in a businesslike and practical manner. He had a tall and masculine build. His skin was well tanned. Probably lived here a long time. He had full lips, and his wardrobe was an artistic mix of Under Armor in white and blue.

Polar bear. Tokala thought to herself. Looks like a linebacker for the Nordic football team.

She stepped up behind him. But still, he did not turn around. He’s either deaf or really thinking about his choices. She joked. Then she stood beside him and addressed him. “Are you going to make a choice anytime soon? Some of us are thirsty here.” She smirked.

Torben just looked down at her and blinked.

When did he…she…it get here?

Torben looked her over, still trying to decide if it was a boy or a girl. This ‘kid’ before him wore blue jeans by Levis, a crisp clean white cotton shirt that had become ruffled and untucked. But it was what lay beneath her shirt that gave him his clue. They were only B-cups, but they were still a merit for his attention. She also wore white sneakers by NuBounce. She gave him the sense of an industrious beaver, with a hint of trouble. She had large eyes the color of valuable emeralds. Her luxurious, ever flowing, pixie cut onyx hair is worn in a style that reminded him of the flappers of the roaring twenties. She has a healthy full build. Her skin was a soft honey brown. She also had big hands for a girl.

“Hello, anyone home.” Tokala waved at him playfully.

“Yeh. I was just…”

“Admiring the view. Yah, I know I get that a lot.”

“Yep, she’s a girl. Definitely a girl.” sighed Torben, heavily.

“You gonna make a choice or stand there and grow leaves.”

“Hey I was here first.” Torben retorted, standing up to his full height and turning to face her.

“And yet I’m the one buying first.” She smiled slyly at him, as she slipped in front of him, placed her money in the slot, and pushed the button for a coke. She deliberately backed into him as she reached down and took her drink. It wasn’t lost on him that her backside was easily within inches of his manhood.

She then stood, popped the top, and took a drink. Torben could only stand there dumbfounded, as he had been so easily outmaneuvered.

“Who are you?” He asked, pretty sure that she was a new tenant, but he silently hoped that she wasn’t.

“I’m the best man in this roach motel.” She crowed boastfully. Then she winked at him and strode off back to her room.

 He watched her leave, waiting to see which room was hers. Suddenly he heard her call over her shoulder.

“See ya around, polar bear.” “Polar Bear?” He blinked. Then he smiled to himself. “Definitely, gonna pay her back for this.”

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