The Haunted Farmhouse: A Tale for Halloween

Once upon a time, a farmer found a seed in an Ancient Cave. He planted, watered it, cared for it, and it grew into a …woman. Needless to say, the farmer was quite surprised.

“Uh…what the hell?” the farmer balked at the woman standing before him.

“Hello, my love. Thank you for caring for me.” She smiled at him.

“Uh, you’re welcome.” The farmer looks upon her confused. “I thought I was growing corn.”

She laughed at him. “My people are grown from seeds. We bloom at night and are blessed by moonlight.”

“So I see.” Then the farmer finally realized that he talking to a naked woman. “Sorry, here take my coat.”

“Thank you.” She put on the coat.

“My name is Dennis. What is yours?”

“Whatever you chose to name me.” She smiled at him.

“Uh, well the obvious name is Luna.” He joked.

“Luna is a lovely name.” She smiled at him. “Well now, what do you need of me, my husband.”

“Husband?” Dennis gaped in shock.

“You cared for me, now it is my turn to care for you.” Luna simply explained to him.

“Uh…That’s now how it works in my world.” Dennis finally closed his mouth and cleared his throat.

“How does it work here?” Luna asked him.

“Well, there’s courtship, dating, gifts, in-laws, and then if you can still stand each other, you get married.” Dennis joked, with a silly grin.

She thought about what he had said. “Sounds complicated.”

“It is.” He chuckled. “In the meantime, let’s just go inside. I’ll explain our world to you tomorrow.”

“Yes, of course.” Luna nodded at him and followed him home.

The next day, Luna slept all day and she woke up at night.

“Did you rest well?” Dennis asked her.

“I did. Now shall we get to work.” Luna offered, standing up.

“Get to work?” Dennis puzzled. “The day is over now.”

“Day? Oh, that’s right. You’re a dayer.” Luna sat back down.

“A dayer?” Dennis questioned her.

“One who lives in the sun.” Luna simply smiled at him. “My people are nighters. We live, work, and play at night.”

“Ah, we call those night owls.” Dennis chuckled, and sat down on the bed beside her.

She smiled at him. “Well, you rest now and I will take care of everything.”

“No, Let me make you dinner. I’m mean breakfast.” He chuckled. “I wish to hear more of your world.”

Day after Day and Night after night, they work the farm and exchange stories of their world.

Soon, Dennis learned to be a night owl and worked his farm at night. Not having to work in the heat of the day, made Dennis happy. Though some nights were colder than others, he always dressed warm. The animals he took care of during the day, and then he rested until evening. Then at night, he and his “wife” worked the farm at night.

Two years later, Dennis and Luna had two children. And then two years later, had another two. At dawn, just before bed, Luna would tell her children the story of her people.

“A myth before time, tells of a people who were people of the plants and not of animals like the people today. The people of the plants lived in harmony with the Earth. The people of the animals were territorial and aggressive. They were always fighting.” Luna explained to them.

“Why momma?” asked little Rose.

“I don’t know. I guess it was just their nature. Ask your father.” Luna chuckled.

“Why?” asked young Dennis jr.

“Because he is a person of the animals.” Luna told them.

“Daddy is that true?” asked young Lily. “You live in the sunlight?”

“Yes.” Dennis smiled at their curiosity. “Well, I used to.” He laughed.

“Why are the animal people always fighting?” asked his youngest son Koray.

“Because we’re stupid.” Dennis laughed. “The happiest day of my life was finding your mother.”

In time, the people grew jealous of the Dennis. He grew the best and biggest crops. Though he seemed to have no help on is farm. People asked him what his secret was.

“My wife and kids.” Dennis answered them simply, whenever he came into town for supplies.

“What wife and kids?” His friend Murphy asked.

“When did you get married?” His friend Roger asked.

“Ten years ago.” Dennis smiled.

“Ten years? Dennis I’ve known you for twenty years and you’ve never even been on a date. Who did you marry?” Murphy asked, with skepticism in his voice.

“A girl named Luna.” Dennis couldn’t help but smiled when he thought about her. “She’s a wonderful woman.”

“Yeah, right. Pull the other leg, Dennis.” Scoffed Roger.

But Dennis just laughed his friends off and continued to sell his goods at market for the best prices.

“So what do you fellas think about Dennis’ claim to be married?” Murphy asked Roger and Todd.

“I say we go and just see.” Said Todd.

“Good Idea.” Roger laughed. “I want to see this beautiful woman of the corn.”

Some hated his success. Some envied him for his wife. Some even said that he was evil because it was against the natural order of things to farm at night. So the people of Dennis’ village formed a mob and stormed his farm. Dennis told his wife to flee with their children. Which she did. She hid their children in the ancient cavern in which Dennis had found her.

“But momma, I don’t understand. Why do they hate us?”

Luna kissed her daughters forehead and said. “Because we are different.”

“We should stand up to them and fight them.” Dennis jr. said angrily.

“No Dennis, violence is never the answer. Just hide here. I will return for you when it is safe.”

“And if you don’t returned.” Feared Lily.

“Then you will take care of each other.” Luna instructed her children. “Do not return to the farm for at least ten years. They may forget us by then.”

“This isn’t right mamma.” Little Rose cried.

“No its not. But this is reality and I need you to be safe. Please stay here and take care of each other.” Luna kissed each of her children goodbye. “Now I must return to your father. Be good and know this, Dennis and I love you very very much.”

“Momma please.” Cried Lily.

Luna silenced her daughter with a kiss. “I love you all.”

Luna said her last goodbyes and returned to the farm. Dennis was happy and not happy to see his wife. He lay dying outside his house, while his friends ransacked the house.

“I told you he was lying there are no women or children here.” Came Murphy’s voice from inside.

“Why are you…?” Dennis asked, taking deep breahes and trying to breath.

“Do not worry, my love. Our children are safe.”

“I..I tried..”

“Hush now my love. I will take care of our visitors.” She smiled softly at him.

“Luna.” But Dennis did not finish his sentence. He died.

“Pah! Let’s go. This was a waste of time.” Grumbled Roger.

Luna looked around at their beloved farm. The animals had been stolen and the fields were on fire. The house was ransacked and Dennis’ friends were the only ones still here.

As they left the house they ran into Luna and she glared at them with a pitchfork in her hands.

“Gentlemen, you should have told me that you were visiting.”

“who are you?” Murphy asked, as he stared wide eyed at the beautiful woman.

“I was Dennis’ wife.” She growled at them. “Until you murdered him.”

“Now I…” Roger began.

“Shut up.” Luna snarled at Roger. “Mr. Murphy, am I to understand that this is all your doing?”

“Hey I just asked a question. I did not bring the mob.”

“You lie. Just as you lied about being Dennis’ friend.” Luna glared at him and the fires of her fury blazed within them.

Murphy, Roger, and Todd swallowed hard. That’s when Luna charged at them with the pitchfork. She stabbed Murphy and he fell back, clutching his stomach.

“Stop, please.”

“Why?” Luna asked him in hated. “You didn’t when Dennis asked.”

Suddenly, a gun shot went off. All eyes looked to Todd.

“what she crazy. She stabbed Murphy.” Todd’s words tripped over his tongue.

“Thank you.” Luna coughed up blood and staggered outside.

“Now where is she going?” Roger asked and followed her outside.

Luna stumbled over to Dennis and sat beside her husband. She smiled at him as she too lay dying.

“I am yours, my love. In life and in death.” Luna laid her head against Dennis’ head and died.

Roger just stood there staring at them both. “She attacked you, so that she could die beside him.”

Todd helped Murphy stagger outside and the three of them looked at Dennis and Luna.

“So, he was telling the truth after all.” Murphy coughed.

“Doesn’t matter.” Todd said. “Let’s get you to a doctor before you join them.”

“So if he really was married.” Roger reasoned. “Then where are their kids?”

“Doesn’t matter.” Said Todd, lugging Murphy next to him. “They’ll come to town when they get hungry.”

“Don’t bet on it.” Said Dennis Jr. as he hid in the bushes.

Dennis Jr. watched the men leave and watched his farm burn. He waited until everyone was gone and then spent the night burying his parents behind the house on the farm, right under an apple tree. He smiled at them, and then as the sun came up, he hurried back to his brothers and sisters to tell them the awful news.

A year later, another family bought the farm, but couldn’t make anything grow. Every few years or so, the farm changed hands. It seemed that no one could make it grow. The farm became known as the cursed farm. And the villagers told the story of Dennis to their kids as a cautionary tale. Ensuring that they always followed the right way.

Fifteen years later, a developer came to the town looking to take the land and make a hotel out of it. But he was stopped by a stranger with a legal claim.

“I am Dennis Jr. and that is my father’s farm.”

“You’ll have to pay for it.” The real estate owner told him. He looked at Dennis, but didn’t see any resemblance. So he ignored him.

Dennis Jr. pulled out a single golden pearl. “How much?”

The real estate owner gave him the deed with no questions asked. “Good luck making anything grow. That farm is cursed.” The real estate owner picked up the pearl and looked it over, with dollar signs in his eyes.

“It’s not cursed.” Said Dennis, putting the deed into his pocket. “It’s just in mourning.”

The real estate owner looked at Dennis, but he was already leaving. Not long after that Dennis was joined by his siblings and their children. The farm was restored and repaired.

Every once in a while, the townspeople would come and see if Dennis was truly working the farm. But they never saw a living soul about during the day, not even the animals. And so the farm was forgotten. And yet, year after year, Lily and her sister Rose and their children showed up at the town’s Harvest Parties with the biggest and most delicious farm produce ever.

One day, Murphy himself came to see the farm. Except he did it at night. He watched from a safe distance as he saw over twenty people working the farm’s fields and carrying for its animals.

“Thought so.” He pondered.

“So, you gonna run them off too.” Roger asked.

“No.” Murphy sighed sorrowfully. “I never should have…”

“You’ve grown long in the tooth.” Roger laughed.

“So have you.” Murphy countered. “Are those even your real teeth?”

And so, the cursed farm became the haunted farm. No one was ever seen working it, and yet it always yielded the best harvest. Its fields were always full of delicious foods, but anyone that tried to pluck it for themselves were always threatened by disembodied voices.

“Dennis,” Koray called to his brother.

“Yes, Koray.” Dennis Jr. acknowledge him with a warm smile.

“I found some more ancient seeds.” Koray showed him.

“Excellent.” Dennis Jr. grinned. “Plant them in the northern field.”

“Is the last batch ready?” Koray asked.

“They will bloom tonight.” Dennis Jr. assured him.

Koray laughed. “Rose will be happy. She loves throwing birthday parties.”

“Twenty more years and this whole town will be ours.” Dennis told his brother.

“They don’t even know do they.” Koray smiled at his brother.

“Nope.” Dennis laughed. “This town of day walkers that destroyed our parents will soon be overrun with the children of the night.”

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