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Explore the world of ‘Wondering Ardor,’ where everyday life becomes magical through humor and reflection. This poetry collection offers a creative way for parents in online parenting communities to connect with their teens and young adults. Share the joy of poetry, celebrate life’s quirks, and embark on a wonder-filled poetic journey. Grab your copy today and discover everyday magic with ‘Wondering Ardor’!

ISBN: 978-0-983322-30-6
paperback, eBook, pages 136
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“Wondering Ardor” – A Playful and Reflective Journey Through Poetry!

🌟 Features:

  1. Lively Versatility: “Wondering Ardor” breaks free from the conventional norms of poetry. It offers a diverse range of poetic styles and forms, ensuring that every reader can find verses that resonate with their emotions and experiences.
  2. Humorous Insights: The book provides a unique blend of humor and contemplation. It takes readers on a rollercoaster ride through life’s ups and downs, offering moments of laughter and reflection in equal measure.
  3. Everyday Magic: “Wondering Ardor” celebrates the magic in everyday life. It transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary poetic expressions, inviting readers to see the wonder in the seemingly mundane.

🌟 Benefits:

  1. Accessible Poetry: This book serves as a refreshing introduction to poetry for parents in online parenting communities looking to engage their children with the world of verse. Its approachable style makes it an ideal choice for introducing young minds to the joys of poetry.
  2. Shared Moments: “Wondering Ardor” explores relatable themes that resonate with parents and children alike. It offers an opportunity for families to share poetic moments, discuss life’s quirks, and find humor in the everyday.
  3. Imagination and Connection: Through its playful verses, “Wondering Ardor” sparks imagination and fosters connections. It encourages readers to explore their emotions, contemplate life’s mysteries, and find solace in the written word.


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