eBook – Toothache at Big Mouth Bend


The Cavity Gang of Ginger, Tarter, and Plaque are creating havoc in the town of Gumm. And While Sheriff Toothpaste has his hands full trying to locate the town’s missing cows. Lady Sugar and Gum D. Seas roll into town creating even more havoc. Will Sheriff Toothpaste and Dr. Lo Fang be able to handle it all and save the day?

ISBN: 978-0-983322-31-3
Hardcover, eBook, 42 pages
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Toothache at Big Mouth Bend is an exciting novel about Lady Sugar’s attempt to take over the Town of Gumm. Sheriff Paste is the Law in the town of Gumm and he is ever alert for the dirty tricks of the Cavity Gang, tarter, gingivitis, and plaque. Three female triplets who do their best to annoy and take over the citizens in the Town of Gumm. Lady Sugar, a high roller from back east, gets the cavity gang to steal all the cows in town; and thus force the citizens of Gumm to drink her new drink called Soda. Pretty soon all the kids in town are hyped up on sugar and then two more bad guys roll into town, Gumm D. Seas and his little sister Tuth D. Kaye. With the help of Dr. Lo Fang, Sheriff Paste is able to stop Gumm D. Seas and Tuth D. Kaye. They corral and arrest the Cavity Gang. Finally, they chase down Lady Sugar and run her out of Town.


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