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Living up to the expectation of one’s family can be rough, especially when your father is the king. Prince Michael’s problems are somewhat made better when he is assigned a personal bodyguard. However, it seems that Sam has his own secrets.

ISBN: 978-0-9833223-2-0
Paperback, eBook, 350 pages
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The king has a big problem. He needs an heir to his throne; but one son is a tyrant and the other, Prince Michael, is a weak-willed bookworm that has no desire to be king. The captain of the king’s guard also needs a son to inherit his title. However, he has only a daughter, who is learning to be a knight and loving every minute of it.

The Journey begins when Prince Michael decides to attend the Swinton School. Sam knows full well Prince Michael wouldn’t last long on his own without her help, so she decides to go with him. Along the way, Sam plans to teach Prince Michael how to fight and how to ride horses. However, the riding lesson doesn’t go as planned. Prince Michael must now fight his fear of horses to save her life. After accidentally burning down an inn, Sam and Michael are put into a life of servitude to the Innkeeper. They must not only rebuild his inn, they must work as servants. They take the opportunity to escape, when Alex and Jacob, two of the King’s best guards are sent to find them.

Read the Journey and find out what happens to the two as they are kidnapped, incarcerated, and finally just want to go home.

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