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A brave little bottle thrown out to sea and expelled from his home must journey further than he’s ever been before. He will face fierce wind and deep dark waves, wicked shark infested waters, and the enormously dark void of a whale’s belly, all to deliver a message of hope for a lonely little girl.

ISBN: 978-1-949252-17-0
paperback, eBook, 28 pages
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Not everything bad that happens to you is for you. After all, how would you tell someone how to cure a headache if you’ve never had one.

The story of The Brave Little Bottle is about lost and found. The little bottle was minding his own business happily sitting on the shelf with the other jars, when someone picked him up, stuffed a note inside of him, and threw him into the sea. Angry at his treatment, and depressed from being lonely, the little bottle complained about his life. But there was very little that he could do about it, except keep his head up and go with the flow of the ocean.


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