eBook – Know Your Dental A – Z


When you go to the dentist, do you know the names of the tools that they use? Do you know what each tool does and its purpose?

Know Your Dental ABCs will explain each dental term and show you what each tool or term is used for. Know Your Dental will give you a cleaner and clearer understanding of all the wonderful things that your dentist can do.

ISBN: 978-1-949252-12-5
Hardcover, eBook, 100 pages
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Have you ever wondered what all the instruments a dentist used are? Or what they are for? Have you ever wondered what some of the terms that your dentist uses mean? Well, wonder no more. Your Dental ABCs is a book that explains dentist terms and tools from A to Z. This book is full of terms, tools, definitions, and pictures. Broaden your understanding of the world of dentistry by reading this book. Perfect for middle schoolers interested in dental fiction.


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