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“Unlock dental secrets with ‘Know Your Dental A-Z,’ a middle schooler’s dental nonfiction treasure trove of knowledge. Say goodbye to dental confusion and explore oral health. Get your copy for dental enlightenment!”

ISBN: 978-1-949252-12-5
Hardcover, eBook, 100 pages
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“Unlock Dental Knowledge for Online Parenting Communities with ‘Know Your Dental A-Z’ – The Perfect Nonfiction Resource for Middle Schoolers!”


  1. Comprehensive Dental Glossary:

     “Know Your Dental A-Z” is your go-to resource for deciphering the world of dentistry. From “Amalgam” to “X-ray,” this book covers every term you’ve ever wondered about, providing clear and concise explanations.

  2. Illustrative Visuals:

     Dive deeper into the dental realm with detailed pictures and illustrations of dental instruments and procedures. Visual learners and curious kids will appreciate the rich imagery that brings dental concepts to life.

  3. User-Friendly Format:

     Designed for accessibility, this book is written in a way that’s easy for middle schoolers and parents to understand. It bridges the knowledge gap between patients and dentists, empowering you to make informed decisions about your family’s oral health.

🌟 Benefits:

  1. Empower Informed Decisions:

     “Know Your Dental A-Z” empowers parents within online parenting communities to make informed decisions about their children’s dental health. Understanding dental terms and procedures helps you communicate effectively with your dentist, ensuring your child receives the best care.

  2. Educational Fun for Middle Schoolers:

     Make learning about dentistry engaging for middle schoolers interested in dental fiction. This book sparks their curiosity, enriches their vocabulary, and encourages a healthy interest in dental health, leading them to excellent oral hygiene.

  3. Confidence in Dental Visits:

     Gain confidence during dental visits by knowing exactly what your dentist discusses with you. “Know Your Dental A-Z” bridges the communication gap between parents and dentists, making dental appointments less intimidating and more productive.


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