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Dive into the essentials of Christianity with ‘Basics of Christianity,’ a children’s religious nonfiction book. Nurture faith, instill values, and promote a harmonious society. Explore Christian fundamentals and build a foundation of kindness and respect today!

ISBN: 978-0-983322-37-5
paperback, eBook, 84 pages
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“Basics of Christianity” – Nurturing Faith, Values, and Understanding!

🌟 Features:

  1. The Lord’s Prayer: This book presents the profound simplicity of The Lord’s Prayer. It offers an accessible and meaningful interpretation, making it easy for individuals, young and old, to understand and recite this essential Christian prayer.
  2. The 23 Psalms: Dive into the soothing verses of the 23 Psalms, a source of strength and solace for generations. This section provides a gentle reminder that we are never alone, as it reflects on the comforting presence of a Higher Power in our lives.
  3. The Ten Commandments: “Basics of Christianity” outlines the Ten Commandments, the foundational rules of life and society. These timeless principles guide us towards kindness, respect, and consideration for one another, offering a roadmap to harmonious living.

🌟 Benefits:

  1. Spiritual Nourishment: “Basics of Christianity” serves as a spiritual guide, helping readers, including parents in online parenting communities, nurture their faith and understanding of Christian basics. It fosters a deeper connection to the Christian tradition.
  2. Values Education: This book is a valuable resource for teaching children the fundamental values of kindness, respect, and consideration. It equips parents with tools to instill these principles in their children’s hearts and minds.
  3. Societal Harmony: By exploring and embracing the Ten Commandments, readers are encouraged to live by rules that promote harmony and mitigate everyday conflicts. Applying these principles can contribute to a more peaceful and respectful society.


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