Jenny was tired. Her back felt heavy and the pinched nerves in her back made it cry out in pain. Her fatigued feet dragged on like lead, and her head was throbbing with pain, and to do lists. She punched in the eight digit entry code and the door to her apartment slid open. She kicked off her shoes, hung up her coat, and placed her keys in the tray by the door.

“Sleep.” She groaned, and headed towards her bedroom. Then she remembered that it was her turn to host movie night. “Aw crap. I have to go shopping. Damn it.”

Back on went her coat and shoes and she shoved her keys back into her pocket. The grocery store was only a half mile away, and if just shopping for herself, she would walk. But grocery shopping for her friends was like feeding a small army.

“Chips, drinks, ice cream, sandwiches.” She mumbled to herself.

An hour later, Jenny had a clean apartment and the hor d’oeuvres ready. Her friends started arriving promptly at 8pm.

“Hey Jenny!” They happily greeted her, as they filed into her apartment.

Jenny plastered on a smile and greeted her oldest friends Tommy and Susan.

“Hey guys, come on in.” Jenny ushered them in. “The food is ready.”

“Great!” smiled Tommy. “I’m starving.”

“Any quesadillas?” Susan asked, looking over the food trays.

“Of course.” Jenny shook her head with mirth.

“You’re the best.” Susan went to sit down on the couch.

Her friends took their seats as they all filed in one by one. Jenny severed her friends beer, food, and wine, as the others all told her stories of their day.

“How was your day?” Wilma asked her, as she sipped her iced tea.

“Same old, same old.” Jenny joked. “People break stuff and I fix it.”

“Don’t sell yourself short. You’re little electronics store is the last one in the neighborhood.” Ted smiled. “You’re the reason I don’t have to keep buying new stuff.”

“Are you serious?” Kevin asked. “I thought you were just being cheap.”

“Hey, not all of us are rich Kevin.” Ted chuckled. “Some of us darn our socks instead of buying new ones.”

“I bet your loaded.” Anne joked. “You’re one of those secret millionaires, aren’t you.”

“If I am, then someone should tell my wallet.” Ted laughed.

“Ted’s right Jenny. Without you, I wouldn’t have a refrigerator.” Warren told her. “Do you know how much refrigerators cost today?”

“Alright, you guys.” Kevin took charge. “Time to choose, Avengers, Lost Stars or Wreck it Ralph.”

“Seriously?” Tommy just shook his head. “Avengers cause I’m not watching Wreck it Ralph.”

“Hey, you should pick something for everyone.” Commented Amy.

“And Ralph is rated E for everyone.” Kelly laughed.

“Show of hands.” Kevin demanded. “Avengers it is.”

“Was there really any doubt?” laughed Amy.

“Hey, I’m a twenty-first century kind of guy.” Kevin declared. “I’ll watch a chick flick once in a blue moon.”

“He’s gay.” Rudy chuckled. “Real men never watch chick flicks.”

“They do if they have girlfriends and want to get laid.” Kevin laughed.

“Just put the movie in.” Chided Anne, grabbing a small bag of popcorn.

Three hours later, Jenny was awoken by several voices yelling.

“That was stupid.” Griped Rudy, crossing his arms.

“He made a choice.” Shrugged Wilma.

“It was the wrong one.” Rudy told her, waving his arms wildly as he spoke.

“Name one guy that wouldn’t choose power over pigeons.” Laughed Kevin, jumping into the discussion.

“Pigeons?” Questioned Amy, giving the boys a confused look.

“Girls, little Gigi.” Chuckled Ted. “Girls.”

“Iron man.” Stated Kevin, with a smirk. “He gave up all his power suits for Pepper.”

“Spiderman.” Added Susan, with a chuckle.

“OK, you people are crazy.” Complained Rudy, grabbing another sandwich.

“Movie’s done, already?” asked Jenny, with a yawn.

“Where have you been?” asked Tommy, now focusing his attention on her.

“Napping.” Jenny answered, with an exhausted smile. “It was a rough day today.”

“Oh Jenny,” Susan jumped up and spoke to her. “Why didn’t you just cancel then. We would have understood.”

“And miss the great debate about power over…what did you say pigeons?” Jenny joked.

They all laughed and threw popcorn at Rudy.

“Hey!” Rudy griped and put his hands up to block their shots.

Jenny laughed. “It’s fine. I enjoy movie night too. It’s just that sometimes I’m too tired to have this much fun.”

“Doug, Morgan. You’re on clean up detail.” Susan demanded, taking charge. “Come on Jenny, let’s put you back to bed.” Susan pushed Jenny back towards her room.

Doug, Tommy, Anne, and Wilma cleaned up Jenny’s apartment, Reynoldswrapped the leftovers, and even vacuumed up the popcorn before they left.

Susan made sure that Jenny got a relaxing bath and brought her some herbal tea. They chatted about the new book while Jenny bathed. Susan had to wake Jenny up twenty minutes later.

“Out you go or you’ll prune.” Susan helped Jenny to stand up.

“I don’t need a butler, Susan.” Jenny jested. “I’ll be fine.”

“And have you break your neck because you were sleeping walking around the house.” Susan watch Jenny dry off. “No way. I’ll leave when you’re safely in your bed.”

“Thanks mom.” Jenny chuckled at her.

Susan helped Jenny put on her pajamas and helped her into bed. She turned off the lights, and said Goodnight.

The Next Day, Jenny heard a Jackhammer go off. She startled awake, looked at the clock, and freaked out.

“10AM?! Damn it!”

Jenny jumped into some clothes, grabbed a piece of bread, and ran out of the door. She ran the two miles to work in record time. Her boss stood waiting for her at the door.

“Sorry.” Jenny panted out of breath.

“Save it.” He told her. “Just get to work.”

“Yes sir.”

Jenny clocked in, grabbed her work tickets from her desk, and took the company car to her first assignment. Mrs. Cortella’s washing machine was acting up again.

“Good Morning, Jenny.” Mrs. Cortella greeted her warmly. “It’s so good to see you again.”

Jenny just shook her head and smiled. “Are you breaking your washer on purpose just to get me to visit.” She laughed.

“Oh, no no no.” Mrs. Cortella laughed.

“That machine is older than I am.” Jenny pointed to the washer and laughed. “Why not just buy a new one?” Jenny asked, as she knelt down and got to work.

“And miss getting to see you.” Mrs. Cortella chuckled.

It was well after 7PM when Jenny got home from work. Again, every muscle in her body screamed out in pain.

“Welcome home, Jenny.” Susan greeted her, with a drink.

“Argh!” Jenny fell back against the door. Her heart was racing like water downhill. “What the hell Susan? You trying to give me a heart attack.”

“Just wanted to check up on you.” Chuckled Susan, handing Jenny the glass. “You looked dead last night. Water?”

“Thank you.” Jenny stepped forward and took the glass.

Jenny emptied the glass, handed it back to Susan, and then took off her coat. She hung it up and then stepped into her apartment. She went to the kitchen to see what there was to eat.

“What do you want Susan?” Jenny asked.

“It’s not what I want.” Susan followed her into the kitchen and sat at her breakfast bar. “It’s what you need.”

“And what do I need.” Jenny pulled out the ingredients for a sandwich.

“A vacation.” Susan smiled, and she spread her arms and shook her hands for a TADA effect.

Jenny just raised an eyebrow at her and then went back to making her sandwich. “No Money, No Time.”

Susan gave a heavy sigh of annoyance, and placed her hands back on the breakfast bar. “What bills do you have?”

“Rent.” Jenny counted on one finger.

“OK.” Susan nodded in agreement.

“Car.” Jenny counted on a second finger.

“You don’t own a car.” Susan laughed at her. “That’s the company’s car.”

“Oh yeah.” Jenny chuckled at herself. Then she raised three more fingers one by one. “Food, Internet, Utilities.”

“Which are all paid in full and on time every month.” Susan told her. Then she asked. “What’s in your savings account?”

Jenny shrugged and quickly put together her sandwich. “I don’t know. It’s been a while since I looked.”

Susan tapped the bar with smirk on her face. “Check, and then you and I are going to Fiji.”

“Fiji?!” Jenny scoffed.

“Yes Fiji.” Susan smiled, and then set the scene for Jenny. “White sandy beaches, ,crystal clear waters, warm sunshine, cool breezes, and cute butlers at your service.”

Jenny took a bite of her sandwich as she listened to her friend, then she spoke. “You sound like a brochure.”

Susan suddenly pulled a piece of paper out of her back pocket and handed it to Jenny. “Speaking of which, here is yours. I got of them this afternoon.”

Jenny took the brochure and looked it over. “Aren’t you married?”

“Not anymore.” Susan smiled and puffed up her chest. “Papers came through this afternoon. I’m a free woman again, paroled early for good behavior.”

Jenny chuckled and then smirked. “And his behavior?”

Susan frowned. “His not so much.” Susan shook her head no. “I refuse to be part of an embezzlement ring.”

“So you got a divorce, so you wouldn’t have to defend him?” Jenny asked, as she took another bite of her sandwich.

“I got a divorce so I could testify against him and send that bastard to jail where he belongs.” Susan told Jenny with venom in her eyes. “I will not have innocent people betrayed and fleeced, so that I can live an extravagant lifestyle.”

Jenny smiled at her. “You’re a better person, than most trophy wives I know.”

Susan laughed at her. “And how many trophy wives do you know?”

“Ok. None. Hey wait a minute, do I need to ask about my last two birthday gifts.” Jenny joked.

Susan smirked at her. “I wouldn’t. Cause I’m pleading the fifth.” Then Susan smiled brightly. “So Fiji?”

Jenny shook her head at her best friend. “OK, Fiji.” Then she started laughing. “I don’t mind being on the run with you.”

Susan laughed. “Excellent! I’ve already booked the trip for us on a cruise to Fiji. It leaves California at the end of the month.”

“Hang on,” Jenny balked. “I have to tell my boss Hank that I’ll be gone.”

“Hank’s a nice guy.” Susan stood up. “He won’t mind.”

“Heh, you don’t work for him.” Jenny scoffed. “You get his customer service side. How long do you plan for us to be gone?”

“Well, depending on the ship’s speed, it takes two weeks to get there. So that’s two weeks there and two weeks back and…”

“That’s a month already.” Jenny panicked.

Susan just grinned at Jenny. “Then we’ll spend a week Hawaii and a week in Fiji.”

“Susan, I can’t be gone for two months!” Jenny facepalmed herself.

“Sure you can. You must have a months and months of leaved saved up.” Susan assured her. “I mean you never go anywhere anyway. You could probably take off a year.” Susan laughed.

“I’m not a Gov’t worker. I don’t have use or lose.” Jenny rolled her eyes at Susan.

“Leave it to me.” Susan gave her a wicked grin. “I’ll get you two months off.”

“Will I have a job when I get back?” Jenny snickered. “Trust me.” Susan gave her a coy grin.

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